It is the #1 question facing anyone who has ever embarked on a home renovation: How likely am I to get the money back If I sell my house?
Below are a few statistics that help show potential ROI when remodeling your house. 

  • Adding a Steel Door: Return on investment: 96.6%
  • Remodeling the Bathroom: Return on investment: 74%
  • Finishing the Basement: Return on investment: 77.6 % 
  • New Windows: Return on investment: 79.3 % 
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel: Return on investment: 82.7%
  • Garage door replacement: Return on investment: 83.7%
  • Attic bedroom conversion: Return on investment: 84.3%
  • Deck: Return on investment: 87.% 

Of course there is many factors that play in to this, But with pine tree constructions experience, Design and construction management skills. You won't have to worry.


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