Size Template Choices When Installing a New Bathroom

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel or addition within your home, there are several choices you’ll be making along the way. One of the first such decisions that will be posed to you: Which size template will you be choosing for your new bathroom?

At Pine Tree Construction, we offer a wide range of bathroom remodeling and home addition services, with home contractors experienced in every common bathroom size template – plus custom options as well. If you’ve never been involved with a new or remodeled bathroom in the past, here’s a quick primer on the common sizes and designations used for bathrooms, plus some basics on making the right choice for your home.

size choices installing new bathroom

Quarter Bathroom

One of the rarer choices when it comes to a bathroom size template is the quarter bathroom, which will usually only be found in commercial buildings. They are almost never installed in homes, though technically this is possible.

A quarter bathroom features just one item: A toilet. There is no sink, and there are no other accessories of any kind. You can see why this is relatively useless in most homes, and why it’s almost never requested.

Half Bathroom

Also called simply a half bath, the half bathroom option is much more popular in homes. It refers to any bathroom that contains both a toilet and a corresponding sink, the sort many people refer to as a guest bathroom somewhere on the main floor of their house.

Half bathrooms are common in many homes, but especially those where guests are a regular occurrence. They offer an ideal area for guests to carry out basic bathroom needs, but don’t use up the space of a larger option.

Three-Quarter Bathroom

One of the more unique bathroom size templates is the three-quarter bathroom, which can be a bit of a nebulous term. There are four possible elements to a bathroom: The toilet, the sink, the shower and the bathtub. Basically, a three-quarter bath has three of them – only the tub is missing.

For those who do not take regular baths, a three-quarter bathroom basically functions as a full bathroom. It offers a fully functional shower, often in a walk-in format, plus a toilet and sink as usual. For those who like to take baths, however, this element will be missing.

Full Bathroom

Finally, the full bathroom is the only option with all four elements included. Many full bathrooms are expanded into grand master bathroom areas, which have not only a tub and shower, but also whirlpool tubs, multiple sinks and other luxury amenities.

For more on the kinds of bathroom size and element templates you might consider, or to learn about any of our home remodeling or contractor services, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.