Walk-In Shower Remodel: General Benefits to Consider

If you're in the process of planning out a bathroom remodel, one of several elements you may be considering for your new space is a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers are modern options that that will often have a fantastic impact on your remodeling ROI, but there are a few factors you should be considering if you're going this route.

At Pine Tree Construction, we're happy to help with a variety of bathroom remodeling projects, including for those considering a walk-in shower. Depending on your situation and needs, such an installation might be an ideal choice for you -- or might present a few issues that should make you re-think this idea. This two-part blog will start by going over the general benefits of a walk-in shower during a remodel, while part two will look at some cautionary reasons why certain homeowners may want to consider other options instead.

More Space

Traditional bathroom and shower setups create a natural restriction on how much space the shower can take up. Typically, the shower is limited to roughly the size of the bathtub it's attached to, which means you may lose floor space in the bathroom to accommodate it.

With a walk-in shower, there's no tub -- just a generally larger area that you can fit your new shower into. This makes it possible to install such a fixture where there wasn't one before, which can open up more options for your bathroom layout. And because you have that extra space, this may allow for the addition of a more luxurious shower head, bench seat or other amenities inside it.


Down similar lines, a walk-in shower can fit in a variety of spaces where it would have been impractical or difficult to fit a bathtub. This can be especially important in homes that are on the small side, but it's also applicable if you're renovating an older home with tighter spaces inside.


Whether your home includes people with mobility issues or you simply want a more convenient and accessible showering area, a walk-in shower can be an ideal solution. One benefit of this type of installation is that it never includes stairs or steps to get in and out of the shower. Simply open the door and step inside -- no straining or stretching required. And because people won't have to climb over any barriers, falls are less likely to happen inside the shower.

Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

A walk-in shower is supremely easy to clean. With no tub to worry about, you can keep this space clean by simply using a regular shower head and cleaning the walls with soap and water -- there's no need for scrubbing or special treatments. You can also choose to use glass panels instead of traditional clear enclosures if you want an even more minimalist look.


For those concerned about return on investment in their remodel, a walk-in shower is a fantastic option. Because of the space it opens up while also improving the quality of one of the most valuable rooms in the home, these remodeling projects typically recoup most or all of their value.

For more on the benefits of a walk-in shower during your home remodeling project, or to learn about any of our home or bathroom remodeling services, speak to the pros at Pine Tree Construction today.