Avoiding Common Bathroom Remodeling Errors

For a combination of practical need, aesthetics and home value, few remodel types carry as much weight as the bathroom remodel. Bathrooms are known to be one of the most high-value areas in any home, plus are those where you’ll often spend plenty of time and require a functional, comfortable space – and as such, getting a remodel of this area right the first time is important.

At Pine Tree Construction, we’re happy to offer numerous bathroom remodeling services among our many home contractor solutions, which also include numerous other remodels, additions and even new home builds. We also help you avoid some of the common mistakes we’ve seen in bathroom remodels over the years – here are a few of the most relevant to steer clear of during your bathroom remodel.

avoiding bathroom remodeling errors

Untrustworthy Contractor

The first major error here is one that’s applicable to any form of home remodel or addition: Hiring an untrustworthy contractor. While we wish everyone in our industry was completely legitimate and worthy of your trust, the simple reality is that this isn’t the case.

There are a few ways to ensure you’re hiring a great contractor. The first is to demand proof of licensure, bonding and insurance for all home contracting services – any contractor who cannot show you these basic qualifications should be eliminated right away. In addition, ask a prospective contractor for references and reviews of their services, plus inquire about their connections with local sub-contractors who might be required for your job.

Improper Budgeting

While we all want a great bathroom remodel, there are ways you can waste money if you aren’t allocating it properly. Frankly, this is an area that connects directly with hiring a great contractor: This individual will help ensure you don’t spend on useless areas or budget incorrectly, leading to waste or other cost-related issues.

Spacing Issues

Bathrooms tend to be some of the smaller rooms in a given home, and this means planning out your use of space is very important. Some homeowners desire a bit too many features or embellishments within the bathroom – this can crowd the space and make it very uncomfortable, plus make it inconvenient to use and actually detract from home value.

Too Trendy

There’s nothing wrong with noting a recent trend you’ve seen and desiring it for your bathroom remodel. However, some go way over the top here, obsessing with recent trends to the point where they ignore practical or spacing elements of the bathroom, leaving themselves with a space that’s technically “trendy” – but isn’t a value-add at all.

For more on how to avoid common errors while remodeling your bathroom, or to learn about any of our home remodeling, home additions or other services, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.