Home Bump Out Basics and Possible Locations

At Pine Tree Construction, we’re proud to serve as your one-stop shop when it comes to home additions and remodeling. We’ve assisted numerous clients with a variety of such projects, and one of the most common project types we help complete for those looking for increased space and storage is the home bump out.

What is a bump out home addition, and how does it compare to other room addition or remodeling types? What are other terms you might hear the bump out referred to by, and why might you consider it? Finally, what are some of the ideal locations for a bump out within many homes? Today’s blog will answer each of these questions for you.

Bump Out Basics

For those looking for some increased space in their house, but without the budget or desire to consider an entire room addition, the bump out is a great intermediate option. It refers to adding extra space into the home – space that’s smaller than a full addition, often significantly. In many cases, the bump out will be referred to as a “micro addition.”

Bump outs can be as limited as two feet, or as significant as ten or even 15 feet out from the home. For smaller bump outs, a simple cantilever process may be done that requires no additional HVAC or roofing changes, keeping your costs very low compared to similar jobs. More significant bump outs can also be done, including those that boost square footage in a given room by up to 50%.

Bump Out Benefits

Why might you consider a bump out rather than another type of home addition or remodel? The bump out takes a room and moves at least one of its walls, or part of a wall, outward, with a support below it so it can sit above the ground. Why might this be right for you?

  • Bump outs don’t connect to the foundation, making them less expensive and time-consuming.
  • Bump outs can go on either main or second floors – many other room additions are impossible on upper floors.
  • Bump outs interfere less with home exterior, and often require no impact on soil or landscaping at all.
  • A well-done bump out will return fantastic value to homeowners, increasing their property value by far more than the cost they put into it.

Possible Bump Out Locations

Here are some of the most common bump out locations within a home:

  • Kitchen extension: Bump outs are often part of a larger kitchen renovation
  • Bay window: A classic bump out is extending a room to add a bay window, plus a connected seating area
  • Bathroom extension: Another major remodel that often involves a bump out is the bathroom, allowing space for a walk-in shower or jacuzzi
  • Living room: Those who want more entertainment may bump out part of the living room for an extended screen and entertainment system

For more on the bump out home addition, or to learn about any of the services provided by our home contractors, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.