Keeping SLC Remodeling Costs Reasonable: Permits, Financing, Light

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on setting your budget and preparing for the costs you'll face during any kind of home remodel. Keeping costs reasonable is a major consideration for most who are taking part in such a project, and this starts with advanced planning.

At Pine Tree Construction, we're happy to help with a wide variety of home remodeling needs for our clients throughout Salt Lake City, assisting with kitchen, bathroom, basement and numerous other kinds of remodels you might be in need of. What are some other basic tips we regularly offer to clients on how to keep their remodeling costs reasonable and within expectations? Here are a few themes.

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Get Permits Worked Out Early

If there's any chance your remodeling project is going to require any type of permit from the city, it's important to get this worked out as early as possible in the process. The sooner you do this research, the more time you'll have to save up for any associated costs and the less likely it is that anything will come up last minute that could throw off your budget.

For example, if you're planning on doing any kind of electrical work as part of your remodel, you'll need to get a permit for this in advance and have an electrician sign off on it. In some cases, you may even need multiple permits depending on the different kinds of work being done. If you wait until the last minute to find out about this, it could easily add an unplanned cost to your budget that you weren't prepared for.

Secure Financing

In some cases, you may need to take out a loan in order to finance your remodeling project. This is often the case with larger projects that have a higher overall cost. If you're planning on doing this, it's important to start shopping around for loans and securing financing as early as possible.

This way, you can compare interest rates and terms from different lenders and make sure you're getting the best deal possible. You'll also have a better idea of exactly how much money you'll need to borrow and can factor this into your budget accordingly.

Be Creative With Natural Light

For many rooms in your house, one of the biggest expenses you'll face is lighting. If you're not careful, the cost of electric lighting can really add up. To help offset this, be creative with how you're using natural light in your home.

For example, if you're remodeling your kitchen and plan on adding new windows, consider placing them in strategic locations that will let in the most natural light possible. You can also use skylights to brighten up a space and reduce your reliance on electric lighting.

For more on how to keep your remodeling costs within reason and not break the bank, or to learn about any of our SLC remodeling or home addition services, speak to the team at Pine Tree Construction today.