Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Small Kitchens

Kitchen is considered as the heart of the house. It is the place where delicacies are prepared with lots of love for the family members taking care of special detailing then why shouldn’t there be detailing work carried out when it comes to the kitchen space. When the room is small, even two or three things would look like a clutter hence here comes the role of detailing work. In a small kitchen one should strategically decide what and where things should be placed, how the cabinets should look like and how much of the space they should take up.  In a small kitchen, one person would also feel like there are too many cooks in the kitchen hence it is important to make most of the space at the counter and the cabin by using certain simple tricks. Below are few of the tips one can look out for to make their small kitchen space look clutter free and neat.


  • The kitchen cabinets are something which are beautiful yet functional too. This is where the drawers and the glides come into picture. While selecting an ideal cabinet ensure that you go in for that cabinetry which makes the kitchen more convenient enough.
  • When in terms of small kitchen, it is important to first think as to what one would like to store in the kitchen how they would want to use the kitchen. You can take up the pantries or cabinets which extend to the ceiling. The kitchen cabinet manufacturers also offer a wide range of storage options which can range from an integrated garbage can or lazy susans.
  • If the room is small but there is still room available on top to place items which are rarely used in the kitchen, then why not utilize that space instead of leaving it as it is and make it a home for dust and insects. One can look to add extra storage cabinets on top. These cabinets can be used to store those items which are rarely in use. These ceiling height cabinets can be accessed with the help of a rolling ladder which we have mostly seen in library’s. Simplifies as well as saves a lot of space.
  • Stronger glide technology is known to result in bigger drawers which can very well handle heavy items. Drawers are now multi-purpose wherein they store a lot of items from utensils, spices, cutlery to even bulkier items such as pans, chopping blocks, pots and dishware. You can have drawers which can be maintained simple without any partition or they can be further divided for the ease of organizing.
  • When you plan on which cabinet to go in for a small kitchen then first it is important to study on the cabinet styles and which one would suit your kitchen.  A full overlay cabinetry is said to cover the entire face frame in the framed constructions and it also hides the boxes of the cabinet within a frameless design. This particular front style case tends to show a continuous façade of the faces of the drawer and the doors thereby resulting in a seamless appearance. There are a variety of door styles made available for a full overlay cabinet which can suit both modern or traditional style cabinets. The next is a partial overlay cabinet wherein a portion of the cabinet box is known to be left partially exposed. This non-covered portion of the cabinet is also known as reveal. A half an inch of overlay door and the drawer are said to leave around two inches of the cabinet frame exposed in between the front doors and the drawers.
  • Certain small kitchens can also have countertops which is very much essential for both preparation of food as well as to accommodate the electrical appliances which are used on daily basis such as blenders, toasters, microwaves or coffee machine. Apart from preparation of food, countertops can also be used as an eating space such as a breakfast bar. The below portion of the countertop instead of leaving it open can be used to install cabinets for storing items for example a peninsula cabinet
  • When you have a small kitchen it important to decide what type of a layout you would want to go in for so accordingly the space can be used for installing the cabinets as well. An L shaped kitchen layout would have cabinets all along or you can say just two portions of the adjoining wall. It provides for an ample space and floor space as well. If you plan for a U shaped kitchen layout, then the cabinets would cover all the three walls. When the kitchen area is small, a U layout provides ample storage as well as appliance capacity but the only downside is that the standing space becomes limited.
  • small kitchen can also go in for a galley layout wherein the cabinets can be placed on opposing walls especially in a narrow kitchen. The floor space becomes limited, but the space on the wall is used to the maximum potential for storage.
  • Once you have confirmed upon the what design and style you are looking for in the kitchen then you can speak to the cabinet supplier. It is important to take in the accurate measurements so as to avoid any waste of space. The measurements should include the room width, height, alcoves and window sills. Based upon the space and the measurement the supplier can provide you with certain good ideas on how the kitchen would look like post the placing of the cabinets.
  • If you are among those who seek for luxury at the fingertips, then you can go with feather touch or soft closing glides which tend to retract with a gentle push and you can also include shock absorption which would prevent the drawers from slamming shut all of a sudden due to which they can damaged as well. In case if you have the island ones then go in for pull through slides since they would allow the drawers to open from either side of the island.