Kitchen Sink Options: Basins, Drop-In and Undermount

Recently in this space, we went over some of the themes available to you for a kitchen remodel. We discussed broad themes from the 10,000-foot level – there are also several distinct areas of a given kitchen that you have numerous options within, and getting a bit more specific often tells the final story of the cost and eventual success of your kitchen remodel.

At Pine Tree Construction, we’re proud to offer a wide range of kitchen remodeling and renovation services, from smaller tweaks and minor remodeling jobs to larger renovations that cover the entire kitchen and surrounding areas of the home. One particular kitchen element that tends to hold significant value, both for the design of the space and its long-term value: The sink, which comes in a huge variety of options these days. This multi-part blog will go over all the modern sink options available for your kitchen remodel, plus list their pros and cons to help you determine which to choose.

kitchen sink options basin undermount

Single-Basin or Double-Basin Sink

The single most popular kitchen sink type today is the double-basin sink, which refers to an option with two distinct sections separated by a central divider. Generally, one of the basins will be used for washing and rinsing, while the other will be used for drying – the garbage disposal will sit on the side used primarily for washing (some actually wash in both basins). This option is popular for a reason: It’s efficient and practical, with great utility, though it may be a bit small for larger pots or cookware.

In other cases, homeowners may opt for the simpler single-basin sink, which is a broad category that also covers a few other distinct types we’ll get to later in our series. This basin is usually large enough for certain big items like cookie sheets, but you will need a separate drying area and this sink does not have the same overall capacity.

Drop-In Sink

The drop-in sink, also called a top-mount or self-rimming sink, is another highly common option today. It’s installed from above, involving cutting a hole in the counter and inserting the sink into it. This means its weight is carried by the rim, which is caulked to the counter.

These sinks are ideal for those looking for a simple, low-cost installation. The rim does add an extra cleaning section you’ll have to keep track of, but this is a small consideration for those who it’s very convenient for.

Undermount Sink

On the flip side is the undermount sink, which is installed from below the counter rather than from above. For those looking for various customized sink options, the undermount may be the ideal format. This method allows for sweeping of crumbs and water due to the lack of a rim, though there’s a possibility some debris may build up under the counter. This option is usually a bit more expensive than the drop-in sink, but also often comes at a higher quality level.

For more on the various sink options available for a kitchen remodel, or to learn about any of our home remodeling or home addition services, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.