Popular Kitchen Styles to Consider for a Remodel, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the different styles available to you as you move forward with a kitchen remodel. Modern kitchens are available in numerous aesthetics and layouts, and you have a ton of options at your disposal in terms of specific styles.

At Pine Tree Construction, kitchen remodels and renovations are just one piece of our comprehensive home contractor services, which span numerous general contractor areas. We’re experienced with a wide range of different kitchen styles and setups, and we’ll help you achieve any look you’re going for. Here are a few of the less common kitchen styles you might be thinking about for your remodel.

popular kitchen styles remodel


The craftsman style is one that’s actually not exclusive to kitchens – it will often describe entire homes, and the kitchen will fit into the overall theme. This design has certain rustic qualities, but not quite so much that it falls under this or the farmhouse category.

Craftsman kitchens tend to prioritize natural materials, with surfaces made from wood in colors like brown and other darker neutrals. The idea is to increase the open feel of the space, allowing for those inside it to feel like they’re in a spacious room that can also be personalized in several ways. Accents may include areas like handcraft cabinets, natural stone countertops and various backsplash themes.


A style that originated in California and is synonymous with this approach, the coastal style is based around color. Hues that remind one of the water, beach and related themes will be heavily prioritized, mainly blues and greens that set the table for much of the rest of the design.

One area of the kitchen that’s very important for a coastal kitchen design is the backsplash, which helps add color and bring that “beach house” feel to the room. Also vital will be tiles, which are often distinctive parts of beachfront properties and give that same sort of feel.


Finally, while other designs we’ve gone over here will contain certain rustic elements, this is a style on its own as well. It refers to themes like darker color hues, vintage cabinets and hardware, brushed metal and various furniture details. The goal is to create a kitchen that’s both functional and cozy, holding a classic feel but also serving several practical needs. You’ll see colors like cherry, gold, browns and various wood grains often utilized, alongside darker natural stone countertops and similar themes for your tiles.

For more on the various kitchen styles available to you for a remodel, or to learn about any of our home additions or contractor services, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.