Remodeling for SLC Work From Home Needs

There have been several big changes to certain areas of our society within the last year, and the move to working from home for a much wider swath of people is a great example. Exponentially more people have begun working from home for health and safety reasons over the last 12 months or so, and while some of these changes are temporary and will cease when full COVID-19 vaccination is achieved, many other individuals, departments or even full companies have realized that the work-from-home model remains sustainable moving forward.

At Pine Tree Construction, our home remodeling services in Salt Lake City are ideal for numerous purposes – including for those who have recently transitioned to what could be permanent work-from-home status and want to change up their home design to make it more conducive to this new lifestyle. Here are a few of the remodeling types we’ll be happy to help with if you’re going in this direction, plus some simple tips on how to achieve them and what to be thinking about.
remodeling SLC work from home

Home Office

If it’s possible within your space, research has shown that it’s ideal to have an area specifically dedicated to your job and working, rather than a space with dual functions. For instance, we strongly recommend against placing your office setup in your bedroom.

The simplest approach here is to create a home office, which in many homes will already be in a specifically-defined area that will just need some furniture upgrades – an office chair, for instance, and a desk if there isn’t already one present. In other cases, you may have to remodel an existing room to become your office, such as a guest bedroom or an unused recreational space. The goal here is to create a separate space where you can stay productive and focused.

Separate Child Space

For those who already have a dedicated office space or are in the process of creating one, another important consideration if you have them is children. Particularly if your office remodel displaces a child’s play area or changes up their daily routine in any way, you’ll want to focus on ensuring they still have a separate area to safely play and spend time without distracting you during work. For some, a garage conversion or room add-on is actually the ideal approach here.

Separate Room Remodel

And while we maintain the efficacy of a dedicated workspace, as we went over above, some people are what are called “migratory workers” – they like to move around during the workday. If you have the space for it, you can even convert a second room into a secondary office space or office nook, such as within the extra space in a recent kitchen remodel.

For more on how to set up and work from home using basic home remodeling or addition services, or to learn about any of our general contractor services, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.