SLC Home Remodels and ROI: Kitchen, Attic, Entryway

There are several factors you may be considering for a home remodel or addition, and one of the top variables for most in this position is return on investment. Specifically, homeowners are generally looking for remodel and home addition types that will improve their property value, in some cases by even more than they pay for the upgrade to begin with, and there are several potential options at your disposal here.

At Pine Tree Construction, we’re proud to offer numerous home upgrade services to our clients in Salt Lake City, including everything from kitchen remodeling to basement finishing, bathroom remodeling and numerous other related jobs. What are the kinds of remodeling projects that tend to do best in terms of property value and ROI, and why might you consider each of these? We’ll go over several options in this multi-part blog series.

home remodels ROI kitchen attic

Kitchen Remodel

Likely the most common remodel type out there, and with good reason, is the kitchen remodel. Not only is this one of the single most common areas where homeowners spend their time, it’s also an area that’s known for its strong ROI in terms of remodeling.

Better yet, there are several different themes you might consider when remodeling a kitchen, and you can mix and match easily. You might be looking to update cabinets or countertops, or to paint your walls or other accent areas. You also might consider upgrading your appliances, including to new smart appliances that are both sleek and functional. Others consider upgrading their floor tiles to create a better aesthetic.

Attic Insulation

You may not have considered attic insulation as a home upgrade, but it’s often an ideal way to improve property value. Insulating the attic helps keep its temperature consistent, which not only saves you money on electricity bills (something that’s attractive to prospective buyers, as well) but also makes the space much more viable as a storage location.

And as those who have scoured the home market recently are well aware, storage is a huge factor. Increased storage attracts buyers and makes your home look more enticing if you ever choose to sell – and when you combine this with the low cost of insulating the attic, ROI here is generally fantastic.

Steel Door/Entryway

Steel doors are all the rage in new homes today, and this is due to their combination of practicality and style. They create fantastic durability and security for any home, protecting against weather elements and potential intruders more effectively than nearly any other type. But they’re also excellent aesthetically, plus are cost-effective to install and maintain.

For more on the home remodels or upgrade types that offer the best return on investment, or to learn about any of our home additions or other services in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.