For those who are looking to lead a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, there are numerous areas you might consider. One that some don’t consider closely enough, at least in our opinion: The ability to use sustainable materials and themes during any home remodel, home addition or related project that will not only improve your home’s comfort, practical themes and aesthetics, but will do so in environmentally-friendly ways.

At Pine Tree Construction, we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of home remodeling services, home additions, new building construction and numerous related services, with access to all the best and latest building materials – including those that are ideal for sustainability themes. This two-part blog series will investigate some of the very best building products out there when it comes to these areas, plus some general tips we offer in this realm.

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First and foremost, we wanted to address a common misconception in our industry. Maybe because this might have been a bit closer to reality a decade or two ago, there are those who believe you have to choose between sustainability and durability for your home or building – that the two can’t be accomplished together because the only sustainable materials really aren’t that long-lasting.

Simply put, if this ever was truly the case, those times are long gone. Modern products make it easily possible to attain a setup that’s both sustainable and built to last for decades with proper care. Read on to discover some of the best products down these lines.


Short for insulating concrete forms, ICF is a building format that’s commonly used today for various building foundations, frames, walls and related areas. It involves hollow concrete blocks, interlocked using metal ties to create a completely airtight frame and wall system that’s supported by insulation.

ICF products are known to stand up to extreme weather throughout the year, plus handle high winds and resist fire. However, it’s also one of the single most energy-efficient materials out there, stopping temperature loss and easily combining with modern windows to maximize your air efficiency.


There are few products more eco-friendly than natural wood, and if you’re considering a new garage door, think about this option. Modern wood treatment options like staining and finishing mean you’ll never be worried about durability issues, plus you’ll increase sustainability almost instantly with great temperature control. In addition, wood garage doors offer the most customization possible, plus are known to heavily increase home value given their popularity.

For more on sustainable building products for your remodel, home addition or even a new build, or to learn about any of our general contractor services, speak to the staff at Pine Tree Construction today.